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Angelique Meyers of Crochet Kids

By shop-one - 23 January 2013

Angelique was kind enough to let us quiz her on her creations and where she gets her crochet inspirations from. In her own words “It usually starts over tea and cake!” and we just love it that friends and family are all part of what her work has inspiration from.

Always made from the family sheep farm wool, washed and spun in their own Karoo sandstone barn, Angelique tells us how it started with her trying to colour some of the yarns that were spun on the farm. “I found new variations of colours that I liked, and to persuade my parents to help me make more, I felt I had to crochet a cap to show off the new colours. When they saw it, it was a winner that made my mom go ‘Wow!’ so I made some more.” From there, Angelique kept on experimenting which led to more of her signature colours and new crochet designs.

Today you can find some of her Karoo-goodness in her Shop for all kinds of occasions. Visit her shop here!

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