Smooth Pebbles enables smaller creative businesses to sell safely online
with their own shops.

The idea to do this began on the 11th of November in 2011, and it all started with an ardent discussion in the kitchen, surrounded by baking and the aroma of freshly baked cakes. It was a Friday night, so the wine glasses were out too.

The discussion centered around the situation many moms (and some dads) found themselves in with their own home businesses .. and that it was not all that easy to take one’s creative business online. So we thought, let’s do something about that and make a website that would help such folk.

On our site, only things Useful or Beautiful or Joyful is what was decided – and with that mantra, thoughts on what the site would need to be and do began to crystallize.

So, a special notebook began to be made, drawings of logos and outlines of pages. Thoughts of categories and Shops. And lots of lists of features. But mostly, we wanted somewhere that women would feel comfortable to shop, to sell and to interact.

Why call it Smooth Pebbles you might ask? Well, this comes from a shared childhood memory…just as a person sees an interesting smooth pebble and picks it up to keep it just because it’s beautiful and special, or happily finds a memorable shell on a beach, so too would the site be.
Each item and each Shop would be like finding that smooth pebble, and bring joy just to find it. And so the site was named – Smooth Pebbles ♥

Also, pebble-stones are water-worn by time and Nature’s effort, eventually polished to their own perfection by Her craft. They are completely authentic, full of character, and more importantly – behind the way they look there is a story to tell! In a modern mass-produced world, we believe that those stories are worth taking the time to slow down to listen to…more than ever before.

So, if you are thinking about having your own Shop with Smooth Pebbles, just contact us here :-)